Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Production and Supply of Exotic Vegetables Essay

Greenhouse cultivation started on commercial basis 20 years ago in India. At present more than 25000 greenhouses exists in India cultivating roses, gerbera, carnation, Anthurium, orchids, and vegetables like Capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber and exotic vegetables. India contributes only 1% to the total area under greenhouse in the world. At present Gujarat has around 450 operational greenhouses and will have more than 800 operational greenhouses in 2013. Hence, it’s the time now to promote greenhouse farming to have sustainable agriculture with quality produce in the hands of the consumers. Greenhouse technology has been promoted by the central government and state government on large scale. The farmers are not utilising it in an efficient way mainly because of cultivating the crops as same as they are cultivating in the open field. Hence, the core concept of greenhouse gets vanished away. The research paper is with reference to the research conducted on Controlled environment cultivation in Gujarat. It includes the various aspects of production, operation, supply chain and marketing, subsidies given by various horticulture departments at Central and State level. There is a lot of opportunities and improvements needs to be done at farmer’s level. It includes grabbing the right market at right time which can be achieved only when they transplant at right time keeping in mind the nearby market. Also, the farmers have to change their mind set about the overdose of fertilizers and pesticides which is not beneficial to crops but in turn invites more of pests and disease and deteriorate our soil micro flora and fauna. Since, cultivation in greenhouse in itself is an advantage, increasing the cost of cultivation takes them away from gaining the real advantage. For which it is necessary that they should follow the package of practise as given by the horticulturists of the state government department. Maintenance is another aspect which should be kept in mind like time and schedule of irrigation, weeding, earthing up, right time for tieing the plant, stage of picking the fruits etc. Also, if there is any attack of pest or disease they should consult entomologists or pathologists rather than blindly applying the chemicals as given by the retail stores to sale and promote their brand.

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